Jane Castor - Street

Andrew Gillum - Behind the Scenes: Primary

Andrew Gillum - Hurricane Michael

Andrew Gillum - Vote Today

Nikki Fried - Something New

Andrew Gillum - My Grandmother's Voice

Andrew Gillum - Chance

Bob Lotane - Power

Andrew Gillum - Our Moment

Dustin Daniels - Forward

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Some Cuts Won't Heal - Worth It

Greg Lane - The Life of Greg Lane

A Healthy Florida Works - Toolbox

Charlie Crist - Charlie Crist for Governor 2014

Walt McNeil - Award

Edward James - Beaches

Charlie Crist - Listening to Real People - Jessica

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Some Cuts Won't Heal - Lakota

Spanish Language

Citizens for a Safe Miami Beach - Vote No, Punch 81 (Spanish)

Accountability in Government (Miami) - Crazy Joe (Spanish)

Miami-Dade Residents First - Red Light Cameras

Behind the Scenes

Some Cuts Won't Heal - Lakota (BTS)

Charlie Crist - Behind the Scenes